I feel like I’m being attacked. Like all the negative forces are focused on me. Just knocked out two obstacles and it seem three more jump in, handicap match, wwe style, no rules, the referee been left, just me against all of them. And the more I fight and continue on, the more opponents I see.

Kingleo made boss strong, but damn my mama didn’t even prepare me for this.. I’m drained and fatigue, they landing hits and I’m starting to bleed. I’m not used to this, well I am, but not this harsh. Who I rub the wrong way? Why every time I’m on good, they trying to ruin my day..

meditate, breathe young king, deep breathe, exhale, open your eyes sir, one blink, u see clear now? Thinking more positive yet? Just remember who you are…

I pray for wisdom, guidance, knowledge & understanding. Forgive me for giving in and being weak for a moment… I’m over it….. 👏🏿



You wanna be my peace, but you always threatening to leave. You wanna be my peace, but it’s everyone u wanna please. You wanna be my peace, then why are you not home n it’s 7am and I’m wondering the streets.

Be my light like you always were. Be my light in this dark world.

I told you it’s rough over here, it’s hard to trust over here.

All for you, be all for me.

For Honor

It’s a brawl! Well not an all out war and chaos, it’s actually the opposite, smooth and in control. The group is divided equally, 2vs2. Coincidentally I have a useless robot on my team.

This is my normal setup, not intentionally, kinda just how my hand is always dealt. Odds always stacked against me. Somehow I’m always handicapped, 2on1. Back against the wall, pressure building on my shoulders.

The way I play, I never wanna lose. I fight to win, compete to show why I’m the greatest man. Overcoming, it’s my greatest attribute. My self esteem, over confident, my favorite attitude. King Leo dAGod.

2 versus 1 and they take turns. Respectful, honest and fair. Ones good, the other is better. No worries, no fears, just determination. The mission is to win, survive, overcome the odds. No matter how hard it gets, I can’t quit, I can’t show weakness. How am I to be respected if I don’t stand and fight for my honor?

They say respect is earned not given. So I fight every battle, engage in every war, check every mate, cross my I’s and dot all my T’s. Persistence, resistance,perseverance, outdoing all restrictions.

When I enter the scene, all know thy name n stature. Either they’ve heard, witness, or was apart of me. The stories of the accomplishments, the fantasies of my achievements, the lies of my defeats.

I came, I saw, I conquered. I, I shot you down. You tired, you attempted , you made efforts. You’ve, you have failed. I attacked both at once, stared death in the eyes and laughed. You have to kill me to defeat me, and that’s an action, you’re not about.

I am strength, I have weakness. I am bold, I can be hesitant. I am a leader, I have followed. I have fallen, yet I always overcome. King Leo dAGod

Creative mind

I did it to escape, and now I’m lost in my own world.

I had to run from the troubles of my own mind. Now I’m in the woods, voice horsed, I can’t scream for help. I feel trapped inside a dark world that I’ve created.

Like a brain freeze, this is a cold disease.

Coughing, sneezing, mind on lock. Instead of fighting I just stop and create. Let the body drain so the mind can maintain.

Expressing became a passion.

If I don’t tell you, then I’ll show you. If you can’t see it then maybe you heard it. Like water dripping for them faucet, or the wind whistling through the trees. All actions to your reactions.

Skilled and tested.

Take the gift and unwrap it, it’s still laced in bubble wrap and light plastic, fragile. The masterpiece that’s been crafted, I’m the good game that’s been drafted.

Wanna be

I wanna be glorified. I wanna be praised. I wanna be treated better than anyone else, I wanna be separated from the rest. I wanna be number one in every category. I wanna be first thought when sun raise. I wanna be the go to, like Kobe for the game winner. I wanna be believed in, like faith in a higher being. Ima do it overboard, and I want that and more. I wanna feel like all the love I dish out, like the love that’ll heal. I wanna be to them as they’re to me. I wanna be better than good enough. I wanna be the one and only. I wanna be the one you lay with when you’re lonely. I wanna be your lover and your homie. The one you share your secrets with, not the one you keep them against. I wanna be the one you tell what’s going on, not oh yeah after the fact. I just wanna be.


Behind the curtains, the things you don’t see on the stage. False realities, all the anger and rage, a lot of y’all walk right but act left. Misguided, playing to the illusion, misleading, the oldest art of manipulation. You’re always in confusion, the lies, the thought of missed opportunities. Not knowing what lies behind those missed opportunities. If it was meant, then that shall be. Fight iron with iron, so if you don’t want it done to you, then dont do it to me.

Just stay in the back, as a matter of fact, just stay I’ll be back. You see that place, where its ice cold, no light, just a little darkened with a cold breeze? Yeah right there in the shadows, can you remain there for awhile? Like Cinderella, like Fiona after midnight, shits getting ugly. Nowhere around me is where I’d like to find you.

This life was never wanted, but as it gets better, the temptations get greater. We fall to our own doings. Like if I lie to get my wealth, then it is a lie that will help me lose my wealth and more. The grass always looks greener when you aren’t taking care of yours, being fooled by the deception being baited into seeking more. Keep in mind, you never realize how great you had it until you lose it all. Patience, don’t crumble as the struggle gets hard, don’t fall trying to follow them all.


There is three different personalities whenever I spit at you. Not talking saliva, I’m talking wordage. Creativity at its finest, you get three perspectives each reaction, or creation. Me and my three beings.